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"Creating a single sustainable brewery has little to no impression on our planet. If you truly care about your impact then making a positive one way beyond your own profit line is the only way we can become part of something much bigger than ourselves & really make a difference."


Chris, founder of Good Things Brewing Co

We had to co-exist with the land, not the other way around.

Residing in our 17th century barn has been much like our ethos on sustainability, determined to bring our brewery to life co-existing with the land and infrastructure already in place, to evolve as if we had always been here.


We exist for two main reasons, to create the highest quality beer we possibly can whilst sharing with the world that you can change the impact you have on our planet. We can not only produce without leaving a trace behind but we can go one step further, we can have a positive impact on our industries and most importantly our own communities.


Good Things has created the most sustainable brewery we have seen, creating our own power, pulling our own water from beneath the ground outside the brewery doors. Turning spent brewers grain in to beautiful flour, delivering beer in our electric van & very soon treating all our own waste on site.


This was always the way it would begin for us, we were born self sustainable but it's what happens next that we believe makes a difference.

So 2021, let's see what you have got.

We started the build in Nov 2018 & began brewing on site in April 2019, where we then dreamt up and brought together our incredible team. With just 3 of us at the helm until the dawn of 2020 it was an all hands on deck, wearing of many hats kind of approach, taking inspiration from the land around us & each other.


Every part of the brewing process happens on our site, from production through to packaging. We set out to be in complete control of the quality of our beer with minimum distribution in and out of our brewery.


The next steps are where the fun begins, you can jump on in and read more over on our Sustainability & Projects pages (coming soon). Our doors are always open if you want to come say hi, please do.


Welcome to Good Things Brewing Co