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2.16 million tonnes of carbon  //  1.85 billion hectolitres of water //  900 million kilos of spent grain


These stats are from the UK beer industry alone, numbers that I cant seem to get out of my head.  The reason I got in to this industry however is because unlike most, the craft beer industry are working collectively as opposed to against each other. All on a mission to create a world where humans are drinking better quality beer over and above the abundance of corporate nonsense.


It is because of this collective manor that I believe we could help make a difference to the above stats not only at our brewery but throughout the industry. I will bounce around ideas on this in a coming post but for now, we are here to talk flour.

WEBGood Thinngs Brewing 01
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  Spent grain (the grain that is left post 1st stage of brewing) is predominantly used to feed cattle or go straight to waste, the former still has its issues. Moving wet grain from brewery to farm has a big impact through carbon emissions due to its weight, taking on twice its original volume in water just through absorption. Then there is the ticking time clock for spent grain, the by-product is a feeding frenzy when wet for bacteria, yeast and fungi & therefore needs to be used within 2 days. Then there is the impact that the meat industry is having on our planet & how un-sustainable our current path could be.


All of the above lead to questions for us, questions that lead to finding alternative solutions for this awesome by-product.

We invented a dehydrator to take an entire 20bbl (our brewing capacity) brew's worth of spent grain & dry it over night using only green energy. From there we take the dried grain and send it through our flour mill all at the brewery & create flour.


A higher protein, higher fibre, lower carb, lower calorie flour.


With or without the mill, dehydrating spent grain has so many benefits for humans, animals & our planet. We are now on a mission to get this dehydrator in as many breweries as we possibly can.


Head on over to our  SUSTAINABILITY  page to read more.

Chris // Founder of GTB Co