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Limited Edition Batches   //   Fresh from the Tank  //  Direct to your Door

At Good Things Brewing, we are passionate about making the best craft beer. Beer loved by an incredible tribe of afficionados - our customers.


We are also driven to change the way the world makes beer. Making the process more sustainable. More pleasure, less guilt. That journey starts with us.


We generate our own power and bore our water for every drop of beer we brew right from beneath our feet. We treat all our own waste on site & turn our spent brewers grain in to flour. We believe we are the first 'closed loop', truly sustainable beer company in the world.


We want to grow our tribe, and to keep pushing what we do. For us to develop even more innovative processes and engineering, to keep learning, improving, and leading the way in sustainable production. And then share what we’ve learned so that the rest of the industry can change too.


The next step in fulfilling our dream is 'Good Things Editions’. An idea that we’ve been brewing for a long time. Connecting our growing tribe with great, exclusive beer, and a more sustainable future.


Welcome to EDITIONS

Editions is a game changer. Every month we will brew a brand new, limited run of extraordinary beer. When it is just perfect, we’ll pack and ship it to your door the very same day. This beer will not be available to buy anywhere else. It is just for you.

Extraordinary beer delivered to your door.

When you become an Editions member, you not only get to enjoy the end product, you also get a window into how it was made. From the idea behind the brew, the recipe, the process, and what we expect it to taste like. And when that moment comes, when it is just right and ready to ship you’ll see that too. Every process captured & shared.

Brewed for you, with you

We will host a live tasting session on the evening of the day your beers arrive. Our head brewer Darryl will guide us through the beer, teaching us about the tasting notes and flavours from that brew and answering any questions you may have. Our founder Chris will also take part to talk through the brewery, the process and everything between.


Shared Together




These one off brews will not be found anywhere else



Summer & winter exclusive brewery party, all beer & food included, DJ's, Live Music, last man standing rules apply


Monthly live tasting with our head brewer, Q&A, conversations likely to go way off topic after a few



Upon joining you will receive our much loved GTB Co Rastal Glass & 10% off all future GTB Co online & brewery shop & tap bar purchases.



You will receive first dibs on all new beers launching out of our brewery, never miss a seasonal, special release or one off brew again. This means before any pub, bar, even our very own online shop our brewery tap. Every single beer we ever produce gets launched with you.



We will aim for around the 15th of every month but this club is all about FRESHNESS so when its done, its coming your way. Once you subscribe you will receive your Editions batch monthly from there on in.



We are super confident we can make a beer that is loved by all but just in case, if we happen to miss your taste buds one month we will swap those 12 out with any of our current brews.


We think you'll love EDITIONS. But if you want to pause or stop anytime you can. No tie ins, no contract, you can leave anytime.



£48 per month  //  Pause or Cancel Anytime // Referral Rewards

We want EDITIONS to be for beer lovers, so we are placing it in your hands to make sure it gets to those you know will truly love it.


So what does this mean? We are passing the baton over to you, the heroes that  have already tried our beer and love it.  To help us grow EDITIONS, to help us fulfil our purpose, to spread Good Things far and wide.


In return for hunting down craft beer loving humans and shouting to the roof tops  about this we want to offer you a reward in return.


Every friend you onboard we will gift you 12 Good Things Brewing Co beers of your choice. There is no limit to this, keep inviting and we will keep gifting.


  Its all easy from here on, here is what you do in 3 easy steps:


1. Enter your details in to the EDITIONS referral program below


2. You then follow the email instructions where you will be invited to join EDITIONS


3. From there you can invite friends, sit back and reap the rewards of being a legend.


"Thank you & see you on the other side"

Chris, founder of Good Things Brewing Co

Any questions email Chris HERE

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